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Encounter the vice consul general in New Zealand Consulate General in Chengdu,China
Jul 16, 2018 外事办 
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On the afternoon of July 11th, at the invitation of Mr. Zhang Dian, vice Consul General of the New Zealand Consulate General in Chengdu, students from CDTU who will study in the sister universities in New Zealand in the summer vacation, visited the Consulate General of New Zealand in Chengdu. The teachers and staffs of CDTU International Office participated in the meeting, and had a discussion with vice consul general Mr. Zhang Dian.

At the beginning, Mr. Zhang Dian, vice consul general, introduced himself to each and every student, and the meeting was held in a harmonious atmosphere.

While we have a preliminary understanding in each other, Mr. Zhang Dian introduced New Zealand in terms of the study, diet, tourism, customs and other matters in detail to the students with video, explaining the travel brochure and sharing experiences. Mr. Zhang Dian said, New Zealand is a picturesque country with multi-national migrants and diverse culture. He extended his warm welcome to all students to travel, study and even work in New Zealand, which also motivated the students' great interest in New Zealand.

Next, Mr. Zhang Dian held interactive talks with students. Students asked Mr. Zhang Dian many questions about upcoming study in New Zealand; Mr. Zhang Dian answered everyone's questions patiently. Through Mr. Zhang Dian's explanation, students are full of expectations for the upcoming study to New Zealand.

At last, the students took group photo with Mr. Zhang Dian. It is the first time that students from CDTU stepped into a foreign consulate general in Chengdu and had face-to-face communication with the consul general. This also further enhanced the communication between our university and the consulate general of New Zealand in Chengdu.

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