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CDTU attended the “Expo 2018: Higher Education In China” in Calcutta,India
May 15, 2018 外事办 
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During 8th to 11th May, at the invitation of Chinese Consulate General in Calcutta and Chinese School of Calcutta, Mr. Yu Wei, Dean of the Institute of UAV Industry Technology, and Mr. Deng Yuanliang, the representative of Foreign Language Department of CDTU, went to Calcutta to attend the 2018 China Higher Education Expo. 60 colleges, universities and departments from 11 provinces in China attended this expo, in which there are 8 schools from Sichuan Province.

The opening ceremony was held successfully in the local exhibition center on the morning of May 10th. Over 1000 personals attended the event, including Ma Zhanwu, the Consul general of Chinese Consulate general in Calcutta, Indian Federal Councilor Samantha, Deputy Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Education of West Bengal Shukla, principals of several research institute, students and stuff in local colleges and high schools, Chinese Exhibitors and reporters from several public media. Mr. Ma made his speech on the ceremony to welcome every guest and all walks of life and emphasized that the expo is key to implement the action of enhancing cultural exchange which was risen in the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Modi held in Wuhan.

During the Expo, Mr. Ma, Samantha and the Principal of Chinese School of Calcutta visited our booth, learned our school characteristics and history, and had close communication with teachers of CDTU.

Meanwhile, our representatives visited Chinese School of Calcutta and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges with the staff and students there.

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