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Headmaster of Institute of Technology, Tallaght paid a friendly visit to Chengdu Technological University
Sep 26, 2018 外事办 
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At the invitation of Chengdu Technological University, Mr. Thomas Stone, Headmaster of Institute of Technology, Tallaght(hereinafter referred to as ITT), Mr. Pat Coman, External Development Department of ITT, paid a friendly visit to Chengdu Technological University(hereinafter referred to as CDTU) in the morning of Mid-Autumn Festival on 24th September, 2018. Mr. Yan Yusong, President of CDTU met the ITT delegation, with staffs of International Office also attending this meeting.

At the beginning of this symposium, participants watched an English film about CDTU together. First, Mr. Yan Yusong, President of CDTU has extended his ardent welcome to ITT 's delegation visit to our university, and introduce CDTU’s educational history, school running's orientations, characteristics ,faculty constructions, and international cooperation and exchange. Mr. Yan especially stressed the education theory on fostering school's talents and focusing on service industries and sector demands.

Mr. Thomas Stone, Headmaster of ITT expressed his gratitude to Mr. Yan Yusong and International Office for their warm reception. He said, ITT and CDTU share the same theory in cuntivating talents and schooling management, In the process of talents cultivation of ITT, strong attention has also been paid to combination between enterprises and industries as well, cultivating students who are equipped with academic base and practical skills. He presented his hope that ITT can establish cooperative relations with CDTU in fields such as talents cultivation, teacher development, cooperative scientific research, and set university-enterprises service platform and so on. Mr. Pat Coman, Head of Development of Institute of Technology, Tallaght introduced ITT’s theory on school management, teaching domains, faculty and cooperation at international exchange fields.

At the end of this symposium, both universities reached a consensus. The two sides will sign of MoU and launch relevant exchange and cooperation projects.

On 5th May 2018, on behalf of Chengdu Technological University, Mr. Yan Yusong, President of Chengdu Technological University signed MoU with Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (hereby refer as GMIT) at The Irish Embassy to China in Beijing. After that, the International Affair Office has communicated with NUI Galway, Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology, Tallaght and will sign MoU with these three universities respectively this year, so as to strengthen and facilitate cooperation with international universities which we share similar disciplines and majors and education orientation.

Attachment: Introduction to Institute of Technology, Tallaght

Institute of Technology, Tallaght was founded in Sep,199 and situated in Dublin. In 2005, ITT Dublin has been set as the official short name of this university, with Institute of Technology, Tallaght as its official full name.

Institute of Technology, Tallaght is one of the 13 institutions which are funded by the National Educational Commission of Ireland with multifarious courses and disciplines, providing certificate, diploma and programs.

On 17th July 2018, Prime Minister of Ireland, Education Technology Minister and Finance Minister announced the establishment of the first of Ireland Technical University, merged by DIT, Blanchardstown IT and Institute of Technology, Tallaght.

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